Our dreams had shattered and life is still!


Baby’s name: Srihan

On April 12th 2017 we lost our son due to stillbirth.

My wife was in labour and we went to hospital, when the nurse did her checkup she couldn’t find his heartbeat.

They soon called the doctor and he soon declared he couldn’t find our baby’s heartbeat and the baby died.

These words still echo in our ears even today!

The grief is still ongoing and will only end with our life. Every day, every minute, we miss our son.

We ask God what was the reason to take away our baby – but never have an answer. After 2 years we had our rainbow baby girl in our life but that dark hole in our hearts is permanent.

We love you Srihan and we miss you. Be happy wherever you are , your mom , dad and older sister will be looking for you everyday when we look at stars.

Be happy – our son our heart beats for you.