Making miles matter

Hello again, #SandsMissionPossible Agent! It’s time to choose your Conqueror Challenge

English Channel

Blast 21 miles across the width of the English Channel between England and France. What lurks below might scare you so be quick!

Hadrian’s Wall

Charge 90 miles across the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, an ancient defensive structure built by the Romans beginning in 122 AD.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Tour 149 miles along Australia’s spectacular Great Ocean Road. Dodge kangaroos and lost in the 60’s surfers along this iconic route.

Alps to Ocean, New Zealand

Travel 180 miles from the snowy peaks of New Zealand’s Southern Alps to the pristine Pacific Ocean on our first challenge down under!

Grand Canyon, USA

Finishers Wanted Dead or Alive for this 280 miles journey through the Grand Canyon! Take on one of the wonders of the natural world today!

Lands End to John O’Groats

Take on the length of Britain in this 1,083 miles virtual fitness challenge! Make your way north from Lands End to John O’Groats past famous and historic landmarks.

Appalachian Trail, USA

The famous Appalachian Trail and its 1,968 miles from south to north will be the ultimate motivator as you work towards completing this epic challenge.

Route 66, USA

At 2,280 miles, the Route 66 Virtual Challenge isn’t for the faint of heart! Working your way from Chicago to Los Angeles on the most historic road in the world.