Meet The Heroes

Ross Coniam

On May 29 th 2018, my wife, Naomi, and I were gifted with our beautiful daughter, Norah Faith.
Tragically, seconds after she was born we knew there was a problem.

Jonathan McMahon

My sister Anna lost her daughter, Dora, not long after she was born on 14 January 2012. After her birth one of the midwives said Dora needed to go and see a paediatrician and let Anna hold her briefly before she took her away.

Stuart Cripps Otto's hand

Stuart Cripps Schnoor

On July 7th 2018 our little boy Otto was born sleeping. From that moment, our lives were changed forever. I remember thinking he would never get the chance to see the world, or meet his big brothers, Lucas and Victor. But we were lucky enough to cuddle him and spend some precious time with him.

Jonathan Bird

When my partner found out she was pregnant, I knew our baby would impact my life, but I had no idea how big a mark our little boy would make in such a short space of time.

Wayne Dickens

Wayne Dickens

We lost our daughter Grace six years ago. The hospital where we were at had a room for people like us, funded by Sands, that was away from the main ward and had everything we needed so we could stay together and spend time with her.

Sands United FC team photo 2018

Meet Sands United

For some men talking about their loss is the last thing they want to do and that’s OK, but it’s important they are offered some other way of finding the emotional support that can help them overcome their grief.

Gary Tearle

Our precious daughter Sarah was stillborn on a Saturday and we had to say goodbye to her the following Thursday as funerals happen quicker where we live in Northern Ireland.

Finding Your Way - IG post Luke Wright

Luke Wright

When I found out that me andmy partner Kirsty were expecting Alfie, to say I was excited, over the moon, nervous,is an understatement. Everything was fine up until Kirsty was 24 weeks pregnant when she started feeling dizzy, sick, her back was hurting andher ankles were swollen.

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